About Us

Dajani & Associates stands as a pillar of excellence in Jordan’s legal landscape, boasting a legacy of prominence and respect since its inception in 1963. Founded by the esteemed His Excellency Mr. Kamal Dajani, the firm has flourished under the stewardship of his son, Rajaie Dajani, who has upheld the tradition of excellence while pioneering innovation in the legal profession.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning both the private and public sectors, Rajaie Dajani has propelled Dajani & Associates to the forefront of the legal arena, representing some of the most distinguished companies, establishments, and individuals before all levels of courts and various arbitration tribunals.

Under Rajaie Dajani’s leadership, Dajani & Associates has undergone significant transformation and growth, evolving into a partnership comprising several esteemed partners and a cadre of dedicated associates. With over 60 years of practical experience in the legal profession, Dajani & Associates has solidified its position as a leading law firm in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

In pursuit of excellence and global reach, Dajani & Associates has forged strategic alliances with law firms and attorneys in major centers around the world. These partnerships enable us to meet the diverse demands of our local and international clientele and expand our service offerings to a broader spectrum of clients.

At Dajani & Associates, we pride ourselves on our diverse team of legal professionals, our attorneys possess expertise across a wide range of practice areas, with many renowned for their prowess as litigators and others highly skilled in corporate, finance, insurance matters, and more.

Each practice area at Dajani & Associates is led by a seasoned partner and supported by a dedicated team of specialized attorneys, equipped to navigate emerging laws and regulations and anticipate our clients’ needs. We are committed to delivering unparalleled legal and commercial protection through bespoke legal advice tailored to each client’s unique requirements.

Tribute to the founder

Mr. Kamal Dajani


His Excellency Kamal Dajani, a prominent lawyer and visionary, was born in Jerusalem in 1921. Growing up during the British Mandate, he was deeply influenced by the evolving legislative landscape of the time. At the age of 24, Mr.K. Dajani  recognized the profound potential of civil service, quickly establishing himself as an upcoming/rising  lawyers within the Palestinian Government.

Completing his legal studies at the Jerusalem Institute in 1945, Mr.K. Dajani  embarked on a remarkable journey marked by dedication and service. With the annexation of the West Bank to Jordan in 1950, he was appointed to serve as the deputy head of the Nablus Court of First Instance. His exemplary leadership skills soon earned him the prestigious positions of head of the Jerusalem Court of First Instance and later the Amman Court of First Instance.

From 1958 to 1962, Mr.K. Dajani  presided over the Jerusalem Court of Appeal, showcasing his judicial acumen and commitment to justice. In January 1962, he was called upon to serve as the Minister of Interior of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan under the esteemed Government of the late Wasfi Al Tal. However, driven by his passion for the legal profession, Mr.K Dajani  made the decision to depart from government service in 1963 to establish his own law firm.

Throughout his illustrious career, Mr.K. Dajani ‘s contributions extended beyond legal practice. In 1978, he was appointed as a member of the National Consultation Council, playing a pivotal role in bridging legislative gaps in Jordan following the dissolution of parliament. Additionally, he served as a respected member of the Amman Municipality Council.

Mr.K. Dajani  ‘s influence transcended borders, exemplified by his invitation to draft the constitution of the United Arab Emirates as part of a prestigious legal committee. His Excellency passed away in 1999, leaving behind a legacy of excellence, vision, and pioneering spirit. He was a driving force in shaping and developing the legal profession not only in Jordan and Palestine but also across the broader region.

Our Mission

At Dajani & Associates, we are driven by a steadfast belief in the power of diverse perspectives and experiences to propel our mission forward. As a leading law firm, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment that embraces a spectrum of viewpoints, academic backgrounds, and professional journeys. We recognize that this diversity not only enriches our team but also enhances our ability to generate innovative ideas and address the evolving needs of our clients. Central to our ethos is the integration of academic rigor and practical expertise within our team. By harnessing the collective wisdom of seasoned professionals alongside the fresh insights of emerging talent, we cultivate a dynamic atmosphere where creativity flourishes and new solutions abound.

Our Vision

Furthermore, we are unwavering in our dedication to understanding our clients' businesses on a profound level. Through open dialogue and collaborative partnerships, we immerse ourselves in our clients' operations, gaining invaluable insights into their unique challenges and opportunities. This deep understanding enables us to anticipate legal risks with precision and develop tailored, forward-thinking solutions that drive our clients' success. At Dajani & Associates, excellence in legal service is not merely a goal but a commitment deeply ingrained in our culture. By prioritizing client-centricity and innovation, we strive to exceed expectations, delivering pragmatic and effective legal counsel that empowers our clients to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Our Values

At Dajani & Associates, our core values serve as the compass guiding our interactions with clients and each other. They are the unwavering standards to which we hold ourselves accountable in every situation.

These principles are not merely ideals; they are the essence of who we are as a firm and remain at the heart of everything we do, guiding us as we strive for excellence in all endeavors.


We uphold a steadfast commitment to integrity, adhering to a strict code of ethics in all our dealings. Whether interacting with colleagues, clients, or opposing parties, we maintain the highest standards of honesty and fairness.


Transparency is foundational to our approach. We strive to be open and candid in our decision-making processes and client relationships, fostering trust and clarity at every step.


We place immense value on teamwork and collaboration, recognizing that the synergy of our collective efforts far exceeds the sum of individual contributions. By harnessing the diverse talents and perspectives within our firm.

Areas of Practice

At Dajani & Associates, we pride ourselves on our diverse team of legal professionals, our attorneys possess expertise across a wide range of practice areas, with many renowned for their prowess as litigators and others highly skilled in corporate, finance, insurance matters, and more.
Areas of Practice