Labor laws in Jordan, much like their global counterparts, serve to regulate the employer-employee relationship, aiming to protect employees by establishing minimum rights and standards. At our firm, we offer expert guidance to clients on navigating employment matters, with a primary focus on two key areas: employment management and labor disputes.

When it comes to employment management, our role is multifaceted. We provide strategic advice to clients on effectively managing relationships with their employees, thereby minimizing employment-related risks while ensuring compliance with applicable laws and internal policies. Our legal services in this realm encompass a wide range of areas, including pension plans, retirement benefits, and advice on sanctions and termination. In instances where termination or disciplinary action is necessary, we may conduct internal investigations to ensure the legality of the proposed course of action.

In cases of labor disputes, our approach mirrors that described under “Dispute Resolution.” We leverage our expertise to represent clients in negotiations, arbitration, mediation, or litigation, with a focus on achieving swift and favorable resolutions.