Our team of Licensing, Agency, and Distributorships attorneys specializes in advising clients on the structuring and operation of licenses, commercial agencies, and distributorships. We provide support to brands across their entire life cycles, from inception to maturity.

Drawing on our expertise in commercial law and industry-specific regulations, we offer strategic guidance on negotiating and drafting agreements that govern these critical business relationships. Whether our clients are establishing licensing arrangements, entering into agency agreements, or setting up distribution networks, we provide tailored legal solutions that align with their objectives and protect their interests. We facilitate our clients’ expansion by providing strategic guidance on negotiating and drafting agreements that involve international considerations and various business models for expansion. This includes advising on agency arrangements, distribution networks, commercial representation, and foreign direct investments.

Our practice encompasses legal advice for manufacturers, exporters, and importers regarding their contractual relationships with both domestic and international stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and distributors.