Dajani & Associates’ clients enjoy substantial advantages stemming from our robust relationships with key stakeholders in the financial sector, including financial services regulators, stock exchanges, and pertinent government ministries and institutions integral to the capital markets infrastructure. These strong connections afford our clients unparalleled access and insights into the evolving regulatory landscape, enabling them to navigate capital markets transactions with confidence and efficiency.

Drawing upon our extensive network and expertise, we provide comprehensive legal counsel encompassing a broad spectrum of transactions governed by Jordan’s Securities Laws and Regulations. Our services include facilitating securities, listing processes, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and maximizing opportunities for our clients to access capital markets efficiently, advising on share issuance and underwriting strategies, leveraging our deep understanding of market dynamics to optimize outcomes for issuers and underwriters alike, guiding clients through the intricacies of initial public offerings (IPOs), from pre-offering preparations to post-offering compliance obligations, providing expert counsel on securities trading and dealings, helping clients navigate regulatory requirements and market complexities to execute transactions effectively, assisting clients in implementing robust corporate governance practices tailored to the specific needs of their businesses, enhancing transparency, accountability, and investor confidence and ensuring compliance with disclosure requirements, and safeguarding our clients’ interests and reputations while fostering transparency and trust in the marketplace.

With our comprehensive suite of services, we are uniquely positioned to address our clients’ needs throughout the entire lifecycle of a capital markets transaction, from initial planning and execution to ongoing compliance and governance. At Dajani & Associates, we are committed to delivering tailored, strategic solutions that empower our clients to achieve their business objectives and thrive in today’s capital markets environment.